Carbide Disc Cutter Tungsten Carbide Disc/Saw Blade
Carbide Disc
Carbide CNC Insert Cemented Carbie Insert
CNC Insert
Carbide End Mill/Rod Tungsten Carbide Rod/End Mill
Carbide Rod
Carbide Custom Made Tungsten Carbide Custom-made Product
Custom Made Product
VSI Set&Tip VSI Tools and Carbide Strip
VSI Tools
Cemented Carbide Strip/Flat Tungsten Carbide Strip/Plate
Tungsten Carbide Strip
Carbide Mining Button Tungsten Carbide Mining Button
Mining Button
Tungsten Copper Electrode Tungsten Copper Electrode
Copper Electrode


Zhuzhou Guangsheng Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, a professional manufacturer of tungsten carbide woodworking strips, rods, plates, disc blanks, cutting inserts, saw tips, geological carbide products, compact and other non-standard special carbide products.

tungsten carbide manufacturer

The old brand is more trustworthy. Guangsheng has more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of cemented carbide and is equipped with a professional and efficient technical team. Use High-purity virgin tungsten carbide powder, import high-precision production and testing equipment. Professional service team.

price favorable

Factory direct supply, one-stop procurement, cost-effective, professional technical team to provide customers accurate solutions. the company independently develops new products. also provide customized carbide products and non-standard carbide products. Guangsheng is a trusted cooperation partner and service provider.


high-tech enterprise

Soon after the company was founded, it was assessed as a high-tech enterprise and has a number of utility model patent certificates. It is also the only school-enterprise cooperation unit of Zhuzhou Technology University.

products sales over the world

Guangsheng company`s foreign trade has been carried out for more than 10 years, and the products are exported to all over the world. The main exporting countries are Korea, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Qatar, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Italy, Australia, USA, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, etc. .


Companies adhering to the "quality is the life of the enterprise" corporate purposes, the pursuit of high-quality all-round service concept, pragmatic innovation, continuous improvement


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Zhuzhou Guangsheng Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd.

Mob: +86 18670857225 Tel: +86 731 22976013

Fax: +86 731 22976015

Contact: Foreign sales department

Sales manager: Ms Angel


Company Address: C7-1, Gaokeyuan Venture Road, Dongjiaduan, Lusong District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, 412000, P.R.C.

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